I am actually looking forward to the future. Michelle helped me to deal with the stresses I face daily and I am so much calmer and happier


I sleep so much better now, thank you!


Feedback from 
my lovely clients.

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Michelle has a genuinely friendly and informal manner that puts everyone at their ease. She seems to know intuitively what kind of relaxation support an individual needs. I’m so delighted that Michelle has given over some of her time to working with Pioneer Approaches to run relaxation for groups whose disabilities/differences come under various headings, such as learning disabilities, autism, and ADHD. Michelle really takes the time to enable people to have their own say in what works for them and works in partnership with individuals and groups to develop positive and calming sessions on their own terms. Michelle also supports the parents of some of our referrals, who might be supporting their loved one through a very difficult time. She offers a space for them to focus on themselves and ‘empty their bucket of stress’ as she puts it. Michelle offers an oasis of calm for people at some of the most vulnerable times in their lives. I really appreciate the specialist support she offers and that she does so with such kindness and compassion.

Ali Jones - Director Pioneer Approaches

Michelle! Firstly I miss your gorgeousness! Secondly I jumped onto your live yesterday and it was beautiful, I popped my headphones in and let the world around me melt away You’re amazing and just thought you should know!


I have found these sessions with Michelle very helpful. She has helped me address my worries and anxieties. I always feel calm after the session and ready to face my demons.


Thank you for your session last Sunday. Since the pandemic I've been doing a lot more meditating, but usually focused on better sleep.

It was great to do a session where sleep wasn't the focus. I felt relaxed and comfortable, and by starting the relaxation off by asking us to think of positive things we had done that week, made a difference.

I'm trying to remind myself every couple of days of the positives and ask myself what I'm looking forward to. It's so easy at the moment to think of the negatives, so I'm trying to ease myself out of that mindset.

I really enjoyed the visualisation exercise too. It was great to escape into my imagination for a little bit! Thanks again.


I found hypnotherapy with Michelle calming and relaxing. She made me feel comfortable and at ease. Her techniques have helped me with my anxiety and given me the ways to deal with different situations. I often find myself listening to Michelle’s relaxation recording when I am feeling stressed. Thank you so much for the wonderful sessions you really helped me.


 I have had my first session with Michelle and I was expecting to talk about what I have been through and it was so refreshing to just talk about the positive. To know that only the positive was to be discussed really made me think. Generally I try to be positive but then to think about some good things that make me feel good things that make me feel good was a bit of a mission but in a good way. In the meditation part. OMG I was completely zoned out and I have done meditation before but never felt so safe and secure to just relax and reflect. Thank you so much.