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Making the decision to support your mental wellbeing is a big decision⁠⁠.

A quick online search will show you a huge range of therapy options and therapists. And can often lead to a long list of questions:

Is this the best fit for me?⁠⁠

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How do the sessions work?⁠⁠

Will I like the therapist?

How many sessions will I need?

It's okay to have questions!

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Finding the right therapist

⁠⁠Finding the therapy, and therapist that works for you is vital for you to feel supported and to get the best out of each session. This is one of the reasons why I offer a FREE consultation.

The consultation lasts up to an hour, and you will have the opportunity to share with me the challenges you are currently facing⁠⁠ and gain some understanding into why you currently think and feel the way you do.

And if you feel I am not the right person for you, that’s fine. That is the purpose of the consultation, a chance to find out more without committing yourself to something that may not be the right fit for you.

It's important to find the right therapy for you.

Initial Consultation


Get a feel for me and the therapy I offer, for free. Available for both Hypnotherapy and Walk & Talk Therapy.


Individual 1 hour 
Hypnotherapy Session

A single 1 hour Hypnotherapy Session with me online or face to face in St Albans.


Individual 1 hour 
Walk & Talk Session

Perfect for those wanting a natural, familiar setting instead of a therapy room. A lot of people find it easier to open up in this environment.


6 x 1 hour Sessions

Available for Hypnotherapy or Walk & Talk Sessions.

Save £75


8 x 1 hour Sessions

Available for Hypnotherapy or Walk & Talk Sessions.

Save £125


12 x 1 hour Sessions


Available for Hypnotherapy or Walk & Talk Sessions.

Save £150


The above block booking packages are non-refundable and sessions need to be taken within specific timeframes.

Hypnotherapy, what you can expect:

At Hart Hypnotherapy I practice Solution Focused Hypnotherapy, which is underpinned by neuroscience, focusing on the present without having to revisit the past. As part of each session, you will come to understand the way in which your brain works and how it can be rewired with positive effect.

Hypnotherapy sessions are a combination of talking therapy and deep relaxation (trance). Working together, you can move forwards with a better understanding of yourself and what you need for your mental wellbeing.

You need a quiet space, where you won't be disturbed for an hour.

Somewhere to lie/sit down comfortably ready for your relaxation (trance).

Have a blanket nearby to place over yourself during the relaxation

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How to get the

best out of your

online session.

Walk & Talk, what you can expect:

Take advantage of the great outdoors and the benefits that nature brings at the same time.

Why Walk & Talk?

There are many physical benefits to getting outside and walking, but there is also so many more benefits for you:

It helps to boost mental alertness.

Dopamine & Serotonin - feel good neurotransmitters are released, which helps to lift our mood

As you focus on taking the next step, noticing what’s around you and talking to me; your brain is working in the background helping to sort through any worries and concerns you may have.

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How is walking

& Talking good for me?


Where will the sessions happen?

For the moment the sessions will take place in St Albans including the outlying towns and villages


What if we are overheard?

The routes I have chosen are quiet, however there will be times when others come within earshot, and we can either stop and let them pass or pause our conversation. Please be mindful of your surroundings and remember that we will be in proximity for a few moments.


What happens if we meet people either of us know?

Prior to the first walk and talk session we will have a consultation over zoom. During this call you will find out more about hypnotherapy and also together we will agree what you would like to do in this situation. Which may include a nod or a simple wave.


What if it rains?

This is another area that will be covered during the FREE initial consultation meeting. And is dependent on what you feel comfortable with. 


Do I need to bring anything in particular?

Please be mindful of the weather and bring appropriate items such as an umbrella or a hat.


Do I have to be fit?

This is not an exercise session, although there are benefits from being active. The focus is on having a space where you feel comfortable and can talk freely. The pace of the session will be set by you.


Who can benefit from walk and talk therapy?

For those who feel comfortable in outdoor spaces or may feel more at ease in a less formal setting alongside the therapist.