More than hot flushes!

January is my birthday month and I am excited about entering my mid 40s. As I have got closer to this birthday I have been looking into all things midlife, one of which was the menopause.

And I am ashamed to say that I didn’t really know much about it other than hot flushes and night sweats.

  • I wasn’t aware that there is the perimenopause which occurs prior to menopause as hormones levels start to become erratic and decline can last between 4-10 years.

  • I wasn’t aware that there are more than 20 possible symptoms that can be experienced

  • I wasn’t aware that not all women have hot flushes and/or night sweats

  • I wasn’t aware that some women experience mild symptoms

  • I wasn’t aware that some women experience insomnia, mood swings, difficulty focusing and anxiety

Every experience of the menopause is different and not all women will experience all or any of the symptoms associated with the menopause.

However many women I believe are like me and don’t know much about it. It certainly wasn’t discussed at school which, as a stage that affects all women seems like a good place to start so that it's not such a surprise later in life.

The erratic nature of hormones during menopause impacts on the way we respond to stress which could lead to heightened anxiety, mood swings and feelings of overwhelm for some.

Now, why am I talking to you about the menopause?

Many of my clients come to me struggling to concentrate, feeling they are not themselves, their moods are yoyoing between ‘leave me alone’ and wanting to cry ...they also are menopausal.

Now solution focused hypnotherapy can’t stop the menopause, it could help if:

  • You find yourself worrying about going to bed, as you know that as soon as you close your eyes to go to sleep you will fret about everyone and everything again

  • You can’t remember the last time you woke up in the morning not feeling anxious and exhausted

  • You feel like you have a foggy head and can’t seem to think clearly

We can all benefit from reducing our stress levels, and if you are struggling at the moment get in touch and book in with me for a FREE consultation.

If you believe you are menopausal please also seek medical advice as I am not a health professional.

Now to do some more research and maybe another coffee

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