Happy birthday Hart Hypnotherapy

This month Hart Hypnotherapy turned one!


I can’t quite believe it’s been a year already

When I first decided to set up my practice it felt too big, too far away and if I’m really honest with myself too impossible.

And here I am

In the 12 months before Hart Hypnotherapy started tip toeing into the world the idea of leaving the world of social care let alone running my own business hadn’t even entered my head

And yet here I am

Not where I imagined I would be. Yet I know I am where I need to be.

I have met so many wonderful people, learnt so many new skills and bought so many fabulous new notepads and pens to support me on the way!

When I work with clients I advise them to take time to reflect before rushing ahead to the next thing.

It is important to allow ourselves to see how far we have come and all the small steps along the way that are part of the bigger journey.

With that in mind in this post, I am going to do the same.


I have been supported by so many people

Contrary to what I had believed when I first started, I don’t have to know it all and do it on my own. Yes, I can shape my practice in the way that feels right for me and my clients but that doesn’t mean that I do it in isolation.

Coaches, networking friends, family, friends, social media contacts… every single one of them has supported me in their own unique way and I am grateful for that.

Realising that although I need to be aware of the different facets of my business I don’t need to be qualified as an accountant, social media manager expert, marketing mogul, brand photographer, website designer.

I get to dip into all of these areas and when I need to, I can get help.


What I wish I had known 12 months ago

If I had realised that I didn’t have to wear all the hats in my business, I would have saved a lot of hours googling, quietly fuming whilst trying to work something out on my own

There are so MANY tools to help and support my business journey and all I needed to do was ask.

My business has evolved

Over the last 12 months I have listened, watched, interacted with so many people making a difference in their communities.

They are carers, community leaders, parents, students, teachers, social workers and at their core they care about supporting those around them to be a part of their community.

  • They are in receipt of support from a range of professionals and want to remind those around them they have so much to give

  • They have taught me to shape what I do to help them move towards their goals in ways that work for them. In the beginning I was only offering 1:1 services but now I have expanded my offer to meet the needs of those I support. I couldn’t have imagined all of this just 12 months ago.

You can now find me offering...

  • Relaxation sessions to run online, face to face for groups and 1:1

  • Working with local non-profit organisations to help them achieve their goals of supporting clients and their families

  • Creating a walk and talk therapy option to help me be more flexible in the support I offer

  • Creating and delivering workshops around stress management, the importance of sleep, rest and relaxation and all things in between

What I wish I had known 12 months ago

I used to think I had to run my business the same way as other people in my industry. I used to think that everything was static, I would make a decision and that would be final.

Now, 12 months later I understand I get to make the decisions. I can be flexible and design my offers around those who need my help. Nothing has to get in the way of this, I have no boss or leader telling me how to operate my business. I get to put my clients and myself first.

I can be me

In my previous life, as an employee I always felt I had to fit in and do what was expected of me. I was often tied by bureaucracy and I found that incredibly frustrating.

As a business owner I can integrate my different skills in a way that suits me and my clients.

What I wish I had known 12 months ago

Giving up my role as an employee didn’t mean I had to give up what I enjoyed about that work but what I was able to do was cut the ties of bureaucracy and create a business that allowed me to be me.

Being self employed gave me freedom.

What’s next?

Over the next 12 months I plan to work more closely with local community groups, amplifying the voices of the marginalised… and maybe even doing a podcast - watch this space!

Image of me, a middle aged black woman with a large smile

Whatever I do, I will make sure I practice what I preach and take the time to reflect and celebrate along the way.

What about you?

What have you experienced in the last 12 months that you can learn from and how will you use it going forward?

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