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This 8 week beginners meditation course goes live on 23rd May 


You know the benefits of meditation, you know you should be doing it but it just seems so hard to turn your thoughts off (spoiler alert, that isn’t what meditation is anyway)! 


With a combination of live weekly guided relaxations, audio meditations, and a community of others who  are also on the same path, I will help you embed meditation into your everyday life so you can finally create the Breathing Space you deserve. 

My 15 year old daughter and I attended an online relaxation evening and we were both blown away by Michelle's wonderful skills and also by her fabulously warm, guiding voice.

£150 Pay in full or in two instalments 

Modern life fills our brains with to do lists

Your life feels like a series of urgent tasks that are all late. You wake up the morning after another restless night's sleep with a long hectic day ahead of you. It’s easy to just want to sink back into bed but with people relying on you, that isn’t an option. 


It’s all just so overwhelming at times. 


You’ve seen the articles about meditation, your friends rave about it and how it can give your mind breathing space but you can’t seem to crack it on your own. Your mind wonders and before you know it you are planning dinner instead of being zen (whatever that means).

If you become a Breathing Space member, you get; 


  • The opportunity to ask questions within a safe, supportive online community

  • A  weekly journal prompts to support your reflection

  • Support to embed and develop habits into everyday  life 

  • Better insight in your overall wellness and what you need to do to help you enjoy life more.

  • Weekly live guided relaxations and  access to recorded guided meditations 


You deserve this. 

I was completely zoned out and I felt so safe and secure to just relax and reflect. 

Option to pay in two instalments 

What is Breathing Space?


Breathing Space is a 8 week course where you are able to start to create the space you need to allow you to be the best version of yourself. It is a space where you can reflect, try out, ask questions about meditation. 


Breathing Space is NOT for everyone. 

It is not for people who are already meditating regularly or are not willing to commit the time right now. 

On the other hand, Breathing space IS for you if you are ready to put yourself first for a change. You want; 


  • Time to think 

  • The opportunity to connect your mind and body 

  • To reduce anxiety and stress in daily life 

  • To sleep better 

  • To wake up feeling ready for a new day 

Learning to calm my brain has been fantastic in helping me to get to sleep. I never thought I 'd be able to switch off my brain. I feel at peace and although life continues to be challenging I know I have the techniques to help me when I am struggling.

For just under £20 a week for 8 weeks (£150 in total), you can have this for a lifetime. 



Imagine the difference that would make to how you experience life!